Sunday, November 30, 2008

My 4 meat dinner vs Hawkeye's vego dinner , I think we can clearly see the winner here.

Lates found a bottle that has my thumbs on it , finally I'm not alone.One day me and my fucked up thumb buddy's will take over from all the 'norms' out there and give a mighty thumbs up.

That shit's melted and my boy's back for some good times on the shredstick.
Yeah dog!

Ralph nothing but net.

Finchy poaching a neighbours shot with nothing but net.

Mr Party , Mike Martin.

Spot the fisherman who still has viagra running thru his balls from the night before.

I know a lot of dudes who would want to join this club.

Diamond Dave kissing a part of the homeland , yeah doggy!

Little man's first shoes , womb to tomb buddy.


Ex snowdude Ralph tackling the rail F/S at an I.G.D.D away shred.

Jamie F/S rock @ secret I.G.D.D training facility.

Would you like Cheese with that?

Cheese's 1970's disco werewolf impression.


Little snout grind to finish the day.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

This van was full of assholes.

14 year old with 1 of 3 tatts , now that's parenting.

Cheese's big day out in Geelong Part 1

Don't even bother going here kids , ABD.

The Smorgy's salute.

Cheese doing his bit for lifesaving Australia.

Reeling in a big 'un.

Riding ol' Nessy.

Cheese's big day out in Geelong Part 2

Happy as a pig in shit to meet the big fella.

Cheese saw flipping this beast as a challenge and rose to the occasion , nice work son.

Spotted Mr and chased him down for a 'where are they now' pic.

Niddy and the drunk dance off

Best mates now but after a few off the wood they become dance rivals.

Old mate impressed with young Nippa's moves...

but comes back with the ol' crouching tiger move , what a champ.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Ralph making the fat lady sing with a pivot to fakie.


Seano with a hot pocket courtesy of Nippa


Pretty much just another day in the life of Nic Burton.

Documented proof that even celebrities have to line up with us common folk to use a shitter.Corbs mid poo stroll.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Finch Hosoi

Nippa with a k-swizzler at sunset , beautiful.

Pretty funny locking me out and getting a picture.See how funny it is when I shit in the hallway and you walk thru it on your way to the shitter at 3 in the morning.Once again Earl comes up trumps , well played sir,well played.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Echuca c*nt

A new game of stacker , Travis Clarke step - up.

Rep's dinner out.

Cheese feeble