Friday, January 30, 2009

Skip day 09

Red hair ,green and gold trackies.
Mike Martin  , a true Aussie.
Jah Bless!
Gorbs mid loft for a win.
The passport says Japan but the heart screams oi,oi,oi.
Data , no more parachutes.

My doughnut!
Charlie's first Oz day , well done son.


Charlie rocked the rockanouies
Every pool should have one of these floating in it.
Ralph giving his new signature sunnies a trial run.
The president of Fiji 

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Bruisers 40th

Trav wasn't there , I just really like this photo.
Hambo shoeless and proud.
Gorby , fear and loathing in Chelsea Heights.
Left the photo sideways cause that's how Bruiser would have ended up .Happy 40th buddy.

Heey youuuu guuuuuuyyyysssssss! The Box.

Hawk vs the Porsche

Step one , work out how to get the handbrake off.
Step 2 , brake off and shakka raised.

Monday, January 19, 2009

I.G.D.D Dude Room Titles '09

Rope Stretching Titles 2009

Official rope stretch ump Mr Kenny Bloggins

Ralph and Hawkeye showing great from on a mighty stretch.
Could be a new record , well played lads.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Apprentice wizard , Keegs

Little fella partied out.
Thought he might fall out of his chair so we did him a favour and taped him to it.
Wizards unite.
napping out between spells.


Ralph Part 2

Air guitar , he played like it was the last show on earth .For all of us lucky enough to be there that day , it was.
Extended riff.


Man of the match , Ralph Rottura Part 1

Casting the spell that took Keegs down for the count.
Dust dancing , pretty amazing to watch.

The perfect storm.


Data with some technical difficulties
Data was loosing a button after every beer.
Wizard barrel jumping champ of 09

No more parachutes!

Friday, January 2, 2009

The Wizard council.
trav's missing , due to staff maintanance.

Phillip Island and the Wizard Council

Trav  , certified wizard.
magic wizard trickery.
Suds tcbing it.

Mike got some fresh ink on the trip and shed his cleanskin image.
tang's making a comeback , b/s flip on the 50 cent bank....yeaya nuggah.
suds moving house.
staff down.
more wood for the council fire.
certified wizrad , Mike martin.
staff add on.
mike f/s 50cent hip ollie.
the wall says it all , skate hard or skate home.
tea break at the b/yard cricket match.
i am a wizard and i have made fire.
Trav with the Blackwolf camping pack.
wizard brothers.

1st day of 09.