Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sorry for partying California.....

Bear knucks!
This is starting to look like Ralphs blog....yeah dog!
Hawks beard got all santa style after a few runs.
2010 nerd of the mountain award goes to....
I don't think anyone truly knows how stoked I was to see a Garfield exhibition....maybe Andy Murphy would.
Hawkins is sorry for partying.
Nice sambuka shot before the last run of the day.
That's what you get for stinking out the room dude.
Beers between pow pow runs...epic!
Not my best Garfield , cheers for the support maddog.


Jailbreak to goodtimes...sorry for partying!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Johnny Wooooooooo!!

good dudes!
even better dudes at the end of the night , kicked out for chanting & generally ruling Sandown.
Awards speeches were epic , good work tebby

..& lost , Hell Yeah Boris was a sure thing after Hell yeah Benny
Wet track for Johnny Woo didn't slow him down...gonna get a woooo!
Tebb at level 2 , he took it to about level 8 by end of the night , Niddy & Midget hovering around 9 from the get go.
Toungin' for a frosty one
Rastafari eyed Midget in the zone

Oooh shit....Midget was this dudes bitch for the evening.