Thursday, March 24, 2011

Monday, March 21, 2011

La La Land

Epic Mexican restaurant with live mariachi's band , so good.
Andrea's mate...
This is what's always out front of the Shorebreak in Huntington when the DC lads are in town , main culprit , Jefferson pang aka Mr Sparkles
Andrea's mate had an artshow of 3 dimensional images done on $1 bill sheets from the U.S mint.This one of the ripper was amazing.Did I mention Robert Downey JNR & Marilyn Manson where got weird.
Fuk tha police!
Jersey Mikes burns In n Out , so good.
Hawk, the search cotinues....
Got to get a prescription next trip
Ladies & gentlemen , Mr Andreas Trolf aka farkn good dude
The lunchtime mini at the Quik office...HOLY SHITBALLS!
Yep , Hawk proved it...white men can't jump.

Possibly the best solo pic of me ever taken
quik park...holy shitballs it's good.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011 as a bastard!

Powell team must've been big here back in the day , these things were every where.
choi out of his element but cam through with the goods , well bbq'd champ.
Kieran was on medication for the day , it even came with a free glass!
Young Vo , the hunter becomes the hunted.

'Ol sweaty pants Bjorn shredded.

Harry Clark for president!