Saturday, June 25, 2011

Pow Pow...yeeeeewwwwww!!!

powder run...

Mike hit the rails at the snow park...yeeeww!

Monday, June 20, 2011

it got rad....

Maddog deep in the zone at Roscoes , so good
Andy Murphy this one's for you.....& yes , he burns the colonel.
Wish I actually had a pic of how rad this park is , Lincoln park , snake run with jersey barrier...epic!
Andreas Trolf , all round good guy
Your mate....
Hamish & his Futurama impersanation
Hawk & Andy barside after he got us kicked out of the spar for doing bombs , thanks to Canada for the assistance in getting rad that night.Good dudes!
Andy , get a passport ya dickhead & come down to Oz!!!
USA vs Canada head wrestling , Canada won this one
Slappy 50/50's are one of the best things about skateboarding.
making a pitsop to the painters pot this weekend to paint all the curbs in Seaford red.
Last night out with DC in the US & it got way to rad , GBO shirt off for America vs Hawk sailor style for OZ...we may not have won this round due to excessive beers
Jeff pang ex pro skater now pro arm wrestler.
Don't ket that arm fool you , bro's a contender.
Look at him toying with Hawk , he's almost laughing.
NHL game playoffs were on at the bar ,game 7 decider.
This picture tells it all Bruins 4 - Vancouver 0

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Work & Play in the USA

Hambo 10 minutes into the shred , rolled ankle & good man down.
Pretty bummed we have to skate this thing every lunchtime.
There's also an elbow shaped mini 4 - 5 foot with pool coping that you can't see , I almost died form exhaustion here.
Hotel lobby of a 5 star hotel , team DC set up a board & have a kickflip comp.
Fuck the Canadians are good dudes.
Choi's been away too long , he's starting to get weird.
Yeah Choiballs!
Hoover dam has some good wallride to death options....gnarly!!!
So after 4 or 5 mojitos I went on this thing , hangs over the top of the Stratosphere & spins.Gnarly ride that I was to drunk to enjoy , bummer dude.
This Indian casino outside of Vegas was rad , longest,raddest rollercoaster ever.
Lot of this view on the way..
sensory overload is the best way to describe the strip.

Just married....we're in!