Wednesday, July 13, 2011

This one's for you Ralph..

Apparently Packer got sick from this , fark knows how?
Kirby this is not your area!
Fark'n cold!
GI down but not out
Would you expect anything else form kirby...I think not
Tough guy
So for those who know Jake Maddog Manix you may know the story of him getting this thing out the door , over the handrail & a chick sitting on top of it ready to ride down the Cattleman's rail....yep , Maddog is sorry for partying!
Hawko's mountain brethren

All round bloody legend status for this guy , yeah GI!
Boxy's cousin from Sweden was there , Funky Euro Deckbolt.
Team got weird & bloody cold.
Elizondo , party machine/gnar bird on the pow pow
Yeah Johnny!!!

Scotty Woo shredded...the ladies
Did I mention Niddy was there?
Hambo the official 'chain guy' of my car , cheers bru!

Hawko dresses like this even when he doesn't hit the pow pow , yeah dog!