Monday, March 12, 2012

A day in the life with Twooch

Woke up pretty dusty after Hambo & Bels surprise wedding , epic night!
Got the pooch's fed & ready for a day of sleeping & shitting
Washed the miss's old car
Then challenged her to a game of pong & yes , that is her game face.You're the best Tez.
Drove the pooch's to the park where they terrorised everyone around them

Met Mike @ Elwood for some upsy downsy manual action
Mike got in there with some upsy downsy manuevers
Then back home to meet the crew for the day , I do love my backyard
Midget , frontal shreddage

Drove out to the not so secret spot , such a rad vibe at this joint , cheers for the heads up MG
Yep , ripping!
Pole jam , ripping!
Regulation Midget size wallride , he killed it
Rob & pooch kept the session in check

Mount Eliza's new bowl , epic times to be had in this thing

I know he's little but this thing is farkn deep.
Fish , Gourby ,Blair,Cheese , Ralph we need to have a session here asap!
Midget got rad , again , smith'd the shit outta the taco
End of the day & the foot spa just paid for itself!

Bets time of the day , reading to Charlie at bedtime , love you buddy!

Monday, November 7, 2011


You will be missed by all who met you mate , next one's for you!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

I.G.D.D Season opener for 2011/2012

Cuzza demonstrates the correct way to apply your I.G.D.D tee to maximise good times

This is the last photo of the night but one of the best , Niddy was there too but his deep in dimmy land in the souva shop

Last man standing , Martini , bloody good dude!

Sorry for partying , Hawkins .... good dude!

Cheese with the bouquet toss

Cheese , good dude!

Pretty sure Cheese tried to propose to the bouncer , epic!

The Hambo , good dude!

Ciggy Bento???

One of the best dudes out there hands down , M-Diddy

Bento's stoke is high

That's right Fish be excited because that's Corbin Harris from the magazines behind you!

That look in his eye means one thing , hip hop Gibbo is about to strike!

Good dudes everywhere!

It got weird...

Matto's drink stash

Classy good dudes Mica & Murphdog

Scoots , good dude!

Everyone in this photo killed it all night , good dudes!

???? Gibbo winning again & Katta ruling

This is probably the last photo I remember taking

Mavi customised his tee , good dude!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Creeps on patrol

Breathed in a lot of this on Saturday
Yeah Hambo!
so stoked & so creepy
Maddog working & Bento partying
Trav & Bruiser .... bonified good dudes
Tom Packer ... bonified good dude & sketchy bastard
Darren , Tom... bonified good dudes ,Monster girl... bonified weirdo
Hey Al , you should go in this thing....

..ohhh shit!