Monday, December 22, 2008

The last tee Charlie will ever put on.

Like father like son.

Midget's back in town , yeah dog!

Came home to a dog so smart that he got himself stranded on the table on a 28degree day....more tongue than a Globe shoe.

Death by chocolate as recommended by mike Martin.This thing took me down for the count , may have to buy a new shitter because of it.

They knew better than to touch the DBC.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Charlie's part time nanny , Mr Alex Hawkins.
Yeah dog!

Mat & Anita's part 3 - the ender

The Elwood triangle crew.

You tell me?

The lady's , looking bloody good.

Mat & Anita's wedding part 2

The Cheese's

Diamond & the Nippa

Mr party makes another appearance on Twooch's Life & Times.

The Nikeeems

Lady's and gentlemen , Mr Antonio Bandaris.

Matt & Anita's wedding part 1

Mr and Mrs Rileeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyy

Gorby mid snaparazzi poze.

Let the goodtimes begin.

Even dressed up you know it's gonna get messy.

Poached , cheeers Laroo.

Tang eyes

The stare that stops a nation.

BGB stare.

3 times the shit to step in , welcome to the neighbourhood Roy.

Pretty sure you can guess who this is , the master of the pivot fakie Ralph R.

Cadby with a F/S salad.

Hot of the press

Round 2 of I.G.D.D tee's just got done , ripping.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Cup o Tea mini

OH & S got nothin here , Ralph on the goggle/saw program.
Stockstandard warm up before tearing the ramp a fresh corn shoot.

Mr Carter almost as stoked on the vac as the 5 tools for $99 on offer at his local hardware store
prep for shred

3 men and a baby , Charlie was foreman for the day.Didn't say much but had a ball.

Mr Hollywood

Mr Creepy , Jimbob

Mr & Mrs Beard

Mr Beard leaking at Melbourne Central carpark.

Clint's poochs and a 3 legged ring in going for a sniff.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I.G.D.D 06

Skull rocks in Tas.

Nikeeem pinched again and loving it.

Cheese and RCJ.

Bert at the Greyson's toga party.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Niddy - a retrospective Part 1

Mappy helping the little merbloke out.


Ripping! Woke to a noise at the front door about 3 in the morning and thought nothing of it so went back to sleep,two hours later I hear another noise and decide to get up check it out.I open the front door only to find young Nippa passed out with one of Tezza's shoes as a pillow and still wearing the Borat costume he'd been drinking in with Arto all day.What a bloody little champ!

This dude should be doing bus tours on the great Ocean road , I'd pay a grand for that experience.

I think at this point the driver was over it and tried to kick him out , didn't know what he was missing out on by doing it.

Niddy - a retrospective part 2

The world's his toilet.

Another lucky lady falls under the spell of young Nippa.

Best part about this isn't the bunny ears but the fact that Nippa's left a bar and gone shopping drink still in hand.Yeah Dog!

Slamming a Heath Ledger.

Halloween 06 , almost as impressive as the year before when he went as Freddy Krueger but had forks and spoons instead of blades on his fingers.