Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Get shreddy...

Ramp builder .... it's in his blood.
Mike beinhana'd the sit outta this hydrant.
Fish , missing the Natas spin & going right over it.
Scoots , illusion ollie.

Mike fakie ollie over his mate 'ol red.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Years eve....ripping times!

Party zone
Party guy with the first pivot to fakie in a hula skirt for 2011 @ 1.30am
He even knocked out a few ballads , what a champ!
Chair rock to fakie...done right!
Dean Sammut ollie challenge.... controversial
Haven't seen Rhys for about 5 years , comes back for 2 weeks from the U.K , first run breaks his wrist then sits there all night waiting for an ambo being an awesome dude.Get well soon brother.
Ralph was para
Yep....stoned again
Bubbles man , so trippy to skate in bro
Bomber & Mike give the Chelsea salute
Way to many rad dudes to count
Ralph took to the new extension like a duck to water
Sorry for partying....