Wednesday, May 27, 2009

More b'day pics by Jimmy

No milk in those puppies love.
One half of the gracious hosts , Mr Shane Carter.Thanks again mate , hope the favourites were tasty.
I don't condone self blogging but fuck it , it's my b'day and I'm really stoked to be able to do smiths after 24 years of skateboarding.You're right fish , I'm old.
2 ripping dudes facing off right here.

This was the little mans first b'day with his dad.What a little champ , already getting the ladies.

Birthday vibes by guest blogger James Fozoster

Sketchiest rad dude I know
Good dude's & dudette's
I've still got both these dude's 30th's to look forward to and I'm tippin they're gonna be awesome.
Ze Gibbo with a fully extended andrech invert.

It's really hard to spot the Midget in Ella.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

This photo's horrible,it's like seeing a race horse stuck in the gates when the race has already started.Get healin so we can get shreddin brother.
Another idiot in the gang , welcome Scrappy.

Best tattoo ever , putting your ass on the line.
2 reasons to be stoked on life right here.
And we're away.
Mavi's somewhere under there having a way better time than you ever will.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Back home to Melbourne , best place on earth.
Vans mini at the Bloc in OC , pretty farken wide and epic.
Combi pool , spotted Mick Mulhall and tried to get a pic but he dodged the camera.There's a first for everything I guess.

So this is the mini at Vans head office , pretty much the best thing I've ever skated.There's a b owled out end where I'm taking the shot from too.Wow!
So I got to see legendary freestyler Primo do some moves and then end it with breakdancing , farkin amazin! Had way more footage but was a bit sideways and accidently deleted it , bummin.
Yeah room service , this thing came back to haunt me the next day.
Matt getting well pitched at an attempted carpet shred at speed.
I would like to be buried with this exact meal , maybe a two piece feed from the Colonel too.
I'm tippin a lot of  wankers like me end up getting this exact same pick

Stevie Van Doren has to now officialy be the best dude I know , amazing!
Two other top dude's are Matt & Leehawk , good drinking buddies in the land of So Cal.

Friday, May 15, 2009

I had a few beers and watched this dude dance for about half an hour with no one even blinking an eye to his amazing moves.Huntington Beach never fails to deliver.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Mike 'garlic' Martin with a suburban back decka

Hawk assisted me with the planting of some more shrubbery @ the Twooch skatepark.Thanks dog.
You can buy fireworks in Tassie , that's 2 reasons to go now once added to West Hobart bowl
Uncle chop chop

Stoked on a powerboard switch , yeah dog
'All hail the Gatekeeper'
Push ups to appease the Gatekeeper
Dude wasn't into Finchy's overstoke on the local fire
Rob , master fireworks director

This one's for Keegan
Amazing brew , highly recommended
Apparently real punks drive Lasers in Tassie
I hope this one gets the tick from Diversal & Bloglips , I'm tryin lads