Monday, May 30, 2011

Beer , ramp , fat suit , good dudes...sold!

Last shot of the night , first shot of the blog.
I don't know how we didn't eat shit skating to maccas in our condition.
Yep , the Dod came & ruled it...thanks Dodd.
What is that , 5 times now Ralph , you're a bloody good dude brother.
Hey Mica have you ever smoked before...'nope'......I thank you Jah..
House music fist pump by the best in the business
hey ,wha happened???
Good dudes
Some fat fuk rocked up & shredded the gnar
Did I mention Kerry 'Jap' Fisher was there monstered up & shredding
You got fat dog
He's like a marketing dudes dreamboy..

First man in , 'the Gorbs' , bloody legend , he killed it all night....yeah Gorby!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ladies & gentlemen , Mr Mike Martin

Best pals forever.
Ranch hand look.
Power walker.

Man down.

Birthday suit.

DC mini sesh

This guy was there.
Don't let this photo fool you , he had a farkn ball.
The trademark Boxy f/s floater , killed it all night.
Kirby hung up the wetty long enough to get some frontside floaters in on the mini...yeeeewww!
Nose blizzle slide from the funky deckbolt.

Drew got down to get down , f/s decka.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Satdy mission bro..

These two rulers rode there..
Man of mystery....the Mavie!
Midget with a rock 'n' slide
Kerry Fisher was there between MTV photo shoots & shredded the gnar very nicely thank you.
Mike Martini , backsdie blunt or 'banga' as they call it in the burbs
Nicholas Burton was there...nuff said!
Little man with a little cooker , ruler!
Nikeeem floats a backside ollie for the ladies....
Yepo , Joey Dodd rode there , what a fukn champ!
64.7km's of hills & windy roads , end reward was some of the best fish n chips going around.
Yeah Dodd!!

CC & Dry was there & helped out all day

Midget warms got rad, but I missed it...sorry dog!

Mr Mondo BMX was there & took it straight to the dirt jumps like a true mondo man would.