Monday, February 23, 2009

Bondi bound.
End of an ear , beard is no more.
Street dancer/crumper Kerry Fisher.
What a rotten cunt/bloody good bloke.

Corbs is skateboarding , when you see him shred you know this is true.
He started of strong but the rabbits bit back.
Yep,Mat Riley got maced at a skatecomp.
Yep , this dude may have started the mace fiasco of '09.
Lost seagull.

King of Bondi , Nic Burton.
Toddy Decastela , quick hydro hit and he's off again.
Harry earning an easy $20 of jake.

MTV powerdance move by Corbs.
We may have to get this pooch shipped to Melbs as the official I.G.D.D pooch.
Goony goo goo.
Just doesn't look right.
Another reason Kerry Fisher's the best dude I know...hungover break dancing session out front of SDS Bondi for $.

Even the skater of the year has to pay for grip.
Knob heavy tube ride.
Mike trying to conquer brekky in one hit.
Like looking in a mirror bro.
Glenn Scott sent me this pic from his holiday in Bali , lucky bastard.

My first and possibly best pic from a weekend in Bondi.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Cheese's birthday

Clint -  "that's it ....I'm kicking him out"
Cheese  - "yyeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh"
Best part about this photo besides the obvious is that neither of them remember it happening.
Glenn Scott , official Beardorama support crew.

More hair than a barber floor.
Cheers Cheese
What a champ! Cheese's birthday and he buys all his mates a tiprat.
Mr Hollyweird....the Box.
Hambo breaking all the rules and passing to the right instead of the left.

Like father like son.
Kenny Carroll , best on ground,

Mr Stoke , back smithage

Cheese front smith with Mr Stoke stoking.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Went to my brother in laws 40th Sat night at the Moorabin bowling club.This bloke was running the bar , absolute champ.Every time he struggled to twist the bottle cap off I thought his wrist was gonna snap.Keep on twisting diga , keep on twisting.

Salvador Gnarly

Gorby with a b/s decker and ear plugs as the sound system rocks the mini.

BDIK , best dude I know.

My brother in law Dan has an amazing Scarface tatt on his stomach.Unfortunately a mozzie bite has given old Scarface a case of herpes on the 'ol lip.