Friday, June 18, 2010

Tatters in the USA Part 2

This is the last we saw of Boxy as we left for LAX.
He's had an all nighter and is now poolside getting creepy on some unsuspecting tatters.
Boxy.....we salute you.
There may have been some wizardry on the trip...
Boxing in preperation for doggy style woo'ing.
Who says I only skate tranny....king of the streets baby.

No one tells the Box what to do.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Huntington Beach I thank you for the good times

Tatters in the USA Part 1

Boxy's US version....Timmy.
This dude was easily as sketchy as Boxy but maybe a little creepier.
We seriously turned our backs fro 2 minutes and this is what happened , needless to say he didn't get a woo this night.
The tatter tee.

Fucked if I know how but the big headed bastard managed to get sunburnt on the 15 hour flight over?
Stay tuned for part 2 when Boxy gets a woo , skates the DC training facility as well as the Berrics and manages to spew more than anyone and still be MVP of the night.